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An Evening With The Overtones2015-06-18 , 18:30:00 at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
An Evening With The Overtones2015-06-12 , 19:00:00 at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Lulu2015-05-10 , 19:00:00 at The Lowry
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Olly Murs - Seated2015-05-05 , 18:30:00 at The O2
Ed Sheeran - Standing2015-07-12 , 16:00:00 at Wembley Stadium
Gerard WayGerard Way Tickets
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift Tickets
An Evening With The Overtones - The Vip Experience2015-06-23 , 19:00:00 at Hexagon Theatre
An Evening With The Overtones - The Vip Experience2015-06-21 , 19:00:00 at Venue Cymru
Nickelback - Hot Ticket Package2015-11-17 , 18:30:00 at Phones 4u Arena - Manchester
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Bette Midler - Meet And Greet2015-07-11 , 20:00:00 at Phones 4u Arena - Manchester
Personalised One Direction Newspaper - The DailyThis tabloid sized personalised front page of 'The Daily' Newspaper is the ultimate for any true fan of the boy band 1D. With the recipient's details seamlessly fitted into the title and article to make it appear as though it has been written uniqu...
Nickelback No Fixed Address Tour 2015 - Standing2015-11-16 , 18:30:00 at Metro Radio Arena
Elton John2015-06-07 , 16:00:00 at Kingsholm Stadium
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An Evening With The Overtones - The Vip Experience2015-06-13 , 19:00:00 at Symphony Hall
Bette Midler - Silver Hot Ticket2015-07-18 , 18:30:00 at The O2
Bette Midler - Gold Hot Ticket Package2015-07-18 , 18:30:00 at The O2
Steel Panther - Seated2015-03-14 , 19:00:00 at SSE Arena, Wembley
Don Mclean2015-05-15 , 19:30:00 at York Barbican Centre
You Me At Six + All Time Low2015-02-12 , 18:30:00 at The SSE Hydro
Olly Murs2015-04-27 , 18:30:00 at Barclaycard Arena
Fleetwood Mac - On With The Show2015-05-27 , 19:00:00 at The O2
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The UK has been from day one, a world leader in supplying the rest of the planet with 'superstars' of music.

From the 'Beatles & Led Zepplin to The Spice Girls & One Direction, throughout the last six decades the Uk has had a never ending stream of global stars. The later of these great bands are 'put together' bands but they obviously still have great global appeal on stage & have both managed to break into the USA, which has been & still is the number one goal for all woodbe global superstar's.

It is fantastic to see that so many top bands from the severnties, eighties and nineties have massive followers today and are touring all over the world.

With so many superb venues right across the UK, global super stars always add tour dates for their loyal British fans.

Queen sold out one hundred and twenty thousand tickets in just twenty eight minutes and added another date to the UK part of their world tour and this is what one fan thought of the show;

How many singers can walk into a studio and sing a wrap in one try, Adam Lambert does. This man's voice is an instrument, always perfect, never misses a note, can change a song mid-way live, and it sounds like it was planned for weeks. When other singers work with him they come away praising his voice, most say he's the very best. If you haven't heard this man do try to get a ticket, combined with Queen this is the best concert you will ever get the privilege to attend. I've seen this show and it literally changed the way I view entertainment, it diminished everything I had witnessed before. "THIS IS A SHOW, A SPECTACLE, what Queen + Adam Lambert have done here is a show for history.

I've been a Queen fan for many many years, this concert takes the prize, this one is the BIG MAMA, see it.

It is when I look back at the bands I used to see when I was young & what I like to see now, it is trully amazing to have such a variety of fantastic home grown talent.

When you look through the lists of artists that we have music concert tickets for, it is guaranteed that you find what yor looking for & will be pleased and surprised to see some of the artists who are still regularly touring.

Britain has had an impact on popular music disproportionate to its size, due to its linguistic and cultural links with many countries, particularly the United States and many of its former colonies like Australia, South Africa, and Canada, and its capacity for invention, innovation and fusion, which has led to the development of,  many of the major trends in popular music. In the early-20th century, influences from the United States became most dominant in popular music, with young performers producing their own versions of American music, including rock 'n' roll from the late 1950s and developing a parallel music scene. This is particularly true since the early 1960s when the Brit Invasion led by the likes of the Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath & The Sex Pistols helped to secure British performers a major place in development of pop and rock music. Since then, rock music and popular music contributed to a British-American collaboration, with trans-Atlantic genres being exchanged and exported to one another, where they tended to be adapted and turned into new movements, only to be exported back again.Even some of the bands themselves became Brit - US collaborations, the most notable being the legendary Fleetwood Mac a nd when you get your music concert tickets for such an act, you know that you in for a very special experience.